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Our FIT Academy course calendar is a unique opportunity for all Data professionals. No matter whether your goal is to get the prestigious DAMA certifications, to simply know more about the Data and Cloud Capability Assessment models by EDM Council, or have the opportunity to share your company challenges with globally recognised thought 
leaders — our courses will boost your development.
FIT Academy (a DAMA-International Officially Registered Education Provider) will deliver hand-on and focused sessions in preparation for the official DAMA exams. All sessions are taught in English and delivered remotely via our innovative Learning Platform.

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DAMA International Certification Courses

These courses cover all disciplines recognized by the DAMA International standard, included in the Data Management Body of Knowledge 2nd edition (DMBoK) , and are designed for individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in the area of Data Management. For experienced professionals aiming to strengthen their knowledge of various information disciplines within the Data Management field they are the first step of a Professional Certification Program, introducing the participants to prepare the CDMP certification exam.
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FIT Academy is a Registered Education Provider of DAMA International.

Become a CDMP - Certified Data Management Professional

The DCAM Framework Training

DCAM covers the unique requirements associated with the management of meaning (data architecture, identification management, taxonomies, glossary development), the challenges of ensuring fit-for-purpose quality (business rule, data dimensions, control processes, supply chain management) and the art of working in the midst of continuously evolving organizational priorities.
Using an interactive format, the Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) was created for the real world and is structured in a way that delivers measurable business value and covers all capabilities and processes needed for sustainable data management.

The Data Management and Personal Data Protection Framework Training by NDMO

The National Data Management Office (NDMO), an entity organizationally linked to the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), plays a crucial role in the country's data governance and digital transformation efforts. SDAIA, the central body responsible for enhancing and regulating data governance, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation in Saudi Arabia, oversees the NDMO. Additionally, the Data Management and Personal Data Protection (DMPDP) initiative, inspired by DAMA, further connects these entities, ensuring the protection and effective management of personal data, reinforcing the framework set by SDAIA and implemented by NDMO.
The NDMO published the Data Management and Personal Data Protection Standards (DMPDP), which include required controls and specifications for implementing and governing effective data management practices across entities. These standards, structured around 15 key domains, aim to help entities manage their data as valuable assets, unlocking economic and innovation potential both at the entity and national levels.

Best Practices, Deep-dives and Workshops

* Refund Policy. Course will be confirmed 2 weeks before the start, in case the course is not progressing you will be given the option to receive a voucher toward a future course. If you do not wish to receive a voucher we will provide a refund within 60 days from cancellation date.